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Preventative Maintenance Program Subscription


Cape Town only 20km radius from Athlone.

This package plan includes immediate service to assess, clean, lubricate and adjust moving parts (excl Door Panels). Worn parts will be quoted on and invoiced separately as per discounted website costing and installed free of charge while this plan is in effect.

Plan excluding door sections and Auto opener.

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Like any other mechanical moving device the garage door needs regular maintenance to maintain maximum performance. Garage door problems usually start out small and if they go unnoticed can eventually lead to the door failing causing serious damage to property or personal injury. Common problems are broken cables, snapped springs, worn rollers and worn motor gears etc.

A little preventative maintenance can detect and resolve any issues before it happens.

These so called wear and tear items which are not covered by Your Building Insurance cover if you should claim but  can be seen to under this program (PMP) at a minimal cost. Normal call out fee and parts can become very expensive and many call outs is not uncommon causing labour charges to add up quickly.

PMP only available in Cape Town within a 20km radius from Athlone.

Conditions of Agreement

The program covers normal maintenance subject to our routine 6 monthly inspections. Preexisting conditions will be quoted for separately.

Client to notify us of any unusual operation or noisy equipment.

Services will not be rendered under this agreement in any cases that the customer has a past due account.

This PMP is not a guarantee against failure of or damage to the designated equipment as it is a service plan only. It is not an unlimited call out agreement and limited to 6 monthly service calls.

This program does not relieve the owner/tenant from daily responsibility of good housekeeping and proper operation of the equipment.

TGD will offer a full 2 year guarantee subject to 6 monthly services to be done and account is up to date.

Either party reserves the right to cancel this agreement via email subject to all outstanding monies to be settled first.